Rail Gourmet (RG)

Train Operations Company

About the company

Rail Gourmet (RG) is a proud part of SSP – The Food Travel Experts.
We are a leading provider of food, beverage and specialist solutions to the travel industry.
System integrated and used throughout all train operations.

On Board Sales POS

  • Mobile POS terminals
  • Payments with multiple methods & currencies
  • Wide range of discount(offers) on device calculations
  • On board stock taking, orders and deliveries

Back Office

  • Product, Prices, Offers, Staff
  • KPI, Performance, Financial, Global and per Location(BO) Reporting
  • Scheduled summary emails & threshold notifications
  • Export / Import to/from the rest of the corporate systems

Warehouse & Logistics

  • Stock control, spot checking & modifications
  • Suppliers Orders, Deliveries & Returns
  • Order picking and deliveries to trains